Diving Safari Tour Companies Australia

By | September 23, 2017

Finding the best diving safari tour companies in Australia

Going scuba diving or shark diving? Selecting the right diving tour company is key to ensuring a successful and memorable safari in Australia. However, with various destinations across Australia littered with dive companies offering dive trips, choosing a good diving company can be a tedious process. But your next dive holiday need not be uninteresting or put off. That’s why we offer 6 tips for finding the best tour company for your upcoming dive trip.

Price vs. Quality

Price is no reflection of quality. Just because a safari company is offering great deals, does not mean they are the best. Similarly, a company that offers expensive packages won’t guarantee a great diving experience. So as you aim to cut costs and save money where possible, remember to consider quality and your personal safety.


Most people opt for recommendations from others. It may be friends, family or other divers. Some of the best advice you can get about a dive operator is from someone who has been on a diving safari with them before. They will happily share their diving experiences, both good and bad, and recommend a company they were comfortable with.


There are dozens of travel forums and websites that list diving trip journals and reviews written by previous travellers. These include TripAdvisor, Dive-OZ, and more. Check them out and learn from them. Once your short list Australia diving safari operators, do some investigative work to make sure they are reputable.

Contact the companies

When calling or emailing them, ask the right questions. Note how many other travellers will be on your dive trip. Find out what their payment structure and payments policies are. Get a clear explanation of their cancellation-and-refund policy, and find out if they offer scuba diving equipment. Again, ask for the names of three satisfied customers that you can contact. If they decline your requests or answer vaguely, hang up immediately.

Diving guide experience

The success of any underwater safari certainly depends on your dive guide. A highly-trained guide, especially in aspects of marine life, dive gear and scuba diving locations will make a huge difference. It’s also prudent for the guide to have experience in emergency assistance, dive planning and supervising beginner divers. It would be convenient if you can have a chat with your instructor before the safari. This would help you identify if the person has a good personality and can communicate well.

Dive trip itinerary

The company will handle your accommodations, water transportation, underwater guides and other elements of your excursion. Therefore, the operator must have reliable, appropriate contacts at your scuba diving destination. Ask the company to review their itinerary: What specific boats and accommodations should you expect? How many passengers will be on your boat? Do they offer other non-diving activities? How long are their trips? And what should you bring along? If they offer shark diving, find out how many divers will be in the shark cage.

Whether you’ve been diving before or you have an urge to get under the water, this guideline will enable you to make an informed choice about which diving safari company is best to use. The Bali Dive Safari team did some extensive research on various different diving tour companies in Australia, and we found Australian Wildlife Journeys. If you visit – www.australianwildlifejourneys.com/plan-your-trip/special-interest-activities/diving – you will see the tours they offer in the most popular diving spots in Australia.